An international coalition of value-aligned individuals and organisations
with Founding Members in over 20 countries
collectively advancing the circular economy through shared tools and resources

Connecting Research & Academia, the Third & Private Sectors as well as the Public & Financial Sectors.

Supporting cross-pollination of data and research for systems awareness

Founding Members


where living, biological, technical and financial resources
are maintained and kept in use at their highest societal value at all times

Accelerating Collaboration through trust and transparency


Limited awareness
No interaction

All decisions are made independently


Aware of each other
Little communication

All decisions are made independently


Provide information
Few defined roles

All decisions are made independently


Share resources
Some defined roles

Some shared decision making


Share ideas
Share resources

All members can vote in decision making

A derivative of ‘Scales of collaboration’ & Levels of Community Linkage Model – Hogue, 1993

Collectively developing the Network Governance &
Theory of Change to support Eco-system Transformation

Supporting the broader
Community of Interest & The Commons
through a Shared Intelligence

The Coalition consists of individuals and organisations across sectors and stakeholders working at all levels from local to global. Members collectively define and advance the mission of the Coalition by either:

  • Contributing to the decision making process for our Network Governance & Theory of Change,
  • Utilising and building upon our collective tools and resources,
  • Supporting external stakeholders and the broader Community of Interest through the co-creation of:
    • Consortia developing projects from local to global levels, 
    • Research and,
    • Policy recommendations
  • Mapping of circular strategies, roadmaps, business models, policies, economic incentives and behavioural shift resources adding value to the Commons,
  • Supporting the breakdown of cultural and linguistic barriers through the translation and/or dissemination of tools and resources by advocating for and amplifying the work of the Coalition.

*Activities will evolve based on resources and stakeholder input. The level of engagement can be decided based upon the organisational priorities, needs, and resources of each member.


Supporting a new Value Network utilising shared tools and resources to offer services to external stakeholders in the Global North & South while creating and exchanging value in the process

Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)  A derivative of Pentagrowth: A Growth Methodology Based on 5 Acceleration Levers –

Javi Creus – Ideas for Change – by Cynthia Reynolds for the Circular Economy Coalition

*A platform cooperative is a digital platform that is collectively owned and governed by the people who depend on and participate in it

Connect Network

The larger the number of nodes connected, the greater the potential.


The more distributed the effort is to collect and build available resources, the bigger its potential.


The more a network empowers its users' capacities, the bigger its potential.

enable partners

The greater the number of value creators that use the tools provided to generate their own work, the bigger its potential.


The larger the community is that has a shared sense of resource ownership, the greater the potential.

A strategic balance of guidance and participation

To help ensure success, organizational members will have access to:

  • an innovation portal for sharing, evaluating and realising ideas, 
  • connection to a global Community of Practice, 
  • access to digital tools, data and resources,
  • e-learning modules,
  • a testing ground for pilot projects at local or global scales

NETWORK GOVERNANCE to move beyond the EGOs and the LOGOs into ECO-system​ transformation

Self awareness

knowing what you are good at
and your areas for further growth

Contextual awareness

knowing what is happening in your immediate environment - professionally and socially

Awareness of the complex interplay

between yourself, your organisation, that of your partners and beyond

Follow us to learn more about our:
Mission, Values, Impacts and Activities

For any inquiries, please contact:

"There is enough work for everyone, now we need to collaborate - not compete.
We have to work smarter, not harder
- because we are already working hard enough"
Cynthia Reynolds
Coordination Lead
  • Bridging the Global North & South/South
  • Breaking cultural and linguistic barriers
  • Supporting a Just Transition For All

The Circular Economy Coalition is coordinated and hosted by Locals.Global a Norwegian non-profit organisation. A United Nations registered partnership supporting the SDGs, accredited to the United Nations Environment Assembly providing input and recommendations for global policy development.
It is funded by members with both in-kind and other resources, as well as through additional ad hoc project funding. 

Circular Economy Coalition Framework and associated graphics (unless otherwise noted) are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. Based on a work by Cynthia Reynolds and the Permissions beyond the scope of this license are available by contacting

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