April 18th, 2024 9:30AM – 11:00AM
at the European Economic and Social Committee facilities VMA 21, Brussels, Belgium
AGENDA – the event will be recorded
In partnership with Locals.Global and the EESC, The Circular Economy Coalition presents:

Circularity4All Bridging the Global Divide

A Mission-Specific Innovation System

A growing Community of Practice bridging the Global North & South supporting a shared vision of Circularity4All
where living, biological, technical and financial resources are maintained and kept in use at their highest societal value at all times.

with members in over 30 countries

The Coalition aims to:

  • Strengthen multilateral relations and knowledge sharing between the Global North and South by bridging bottom-up and top-down circularity;
  • Support a Shared Intelligence through data-driven solutions for the mapping of best practice circular initiatives compatible with internationally recognised frameworks;
  • Support the development of better policies and economic incentives through research and dissemination;
  • Increase collaboration on projects with stakeholders at all levels;
  • Experience sharing and joint development of circular economy projects;
  • Contribute to increased value creation from local to global in scope by implementing scaleable solutions on both a pilot scale and an industrial scale.

Connecting Research & Academia, the Third & Private Sectors as well as the Public & Financial Sectors.
Supporting cross-pollination of data and research for systems awareness


  • Introduction by European Economic and Social Committee 
    • Linking the EU’s circular economy and social equity priorities to global challenges
  • Acknowledgement Statement
  • Circular Economy Coalition – 1 Year Milestone
    • Achievement & lessons learned since launch at the ECESP 2023 conference
    • United Nations Environment Assembly accreditation – Influencing global policy
    • A mission-specific innovation system
      • Governance, Methodology, Shared Tools & Resources
    • Equitable access
  • A United Approach – Embracing Diversity Without Division
    • Coalition Stakeholders & The Importance of Representation
  • Global North-South Roundtable

In partnership with the European Economic and Social Committee
and Locals.Global a United Nations Environment Assembly Accredited organisation

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